Jess & Aleks

The love story started...

"I had moved over to Bathurst to start Uni and moved in with a couple of girlfriends I met through work. Not long after I moved in my house mates wanted to throw a Halloween party at our house which I was all for because I knew no one and wanted to make some friends. Being an 18 year old Uni student I had a few too many drinks, I was dressed as a skeleton drunkenly running around the party introducing myself to everyone. I spent half the night chatting away to a guy who was completely sober. The next day I couldn’t remember his name but his Nazi zombie costume was very memorable. It turned out to be Aleks and from there we just hit it off!"

And then he got down on one knee...

"A few of my really close friends and I share a birthday week, so for our 21st birthdays we planned a trip to the Gold Coast. We invited 12 of our closest friends and made a holiday of it. In our relationship I am always the planner and Aleks is always along for the ride, but during the lead up to our trip Aleks told me he wanted to take the reins on planning my birthday day. My expectations were for a fun filled day full of birthday surprises, however I got one massive surprise I was not expecting! We spent the day eating ice cream on the beach and being slightly hungover from the big night before. We all went out for a lovely dinner and headed back to our hotel. Later in the evening Aleks asked me to come for a walk along the beach, at exactly midnight he got down on one knee in the sand, pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him. The rest is such a blur to me because I was so shocked and just couldn’t stop crying! I did manage to get out one word though which of course was YES!"

The planning started...

"Aleks & I were engaged for 3 years before we tied the knot so that left us (or should I say me) plenty of time to plan. Being only 21 when we got engaged we wanted to take our time planning and enjoy the process without rushing. We really wanted the day to reflect our personalities and feature little pieces of us throughout the entire day. I wouldn’t say we had an overall theme exactly however our flowers were oranges, pinks and reds. I love flowers and loved the idea of the flowers really standing out. We added in special little quirks that were so special to us such as tarot cards with animal spirits as place cards for guests, a mad hatter themed photo booth equipped with Alice in Wonderland props and hanging tea cups, and a surprise first dance that no one was expecting"

Their favourite parts...

"Aleks has grown up practicing martial arts and is a 2nd Dan black belt so for our first dance we snuck away to get changed into a black and a white karate gee. Our song started playing which is one of my all-time favorite songs by one of my favorite artists (Sia – Fire meets gasoline) and we entered the dance floor where we began a choreographed fight dance. Everyone was so surprised and I had so much fun I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Another of my highlights was having my family so involved in the day, my sister was my maid of Honour, 2 of my brothers sung and played guitar as I walked down the aisle and my other brother was the MC."

From them to you...

"Don’t be afraid to step outside the square to have what you truly want. And just have fun! It is after all only 1 day so don’t get too caught up in making sure everything goes to plan."


Venue: Box Grove Bathurst

Cake: Jamies Cake Decorating

Celebrant: Kirralee Burke

Flowers: Box Grove

Photographer: Kirsten Cunningham Photography

Hair & Make-up: Luxe Hair & Body

Dress: Penrith Bridal Centre & Helen Schwab Couture

Groom: Bent Threads Menswear