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Business Feature: Sandy D'z Minnie Bar

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

“Miss Minnie“is a very rare 1960s Vintage Caravan. Thought to be Newlands made in Victoria, she has had extensive external and internal restoration and is as cute as a button with her ancient artefact’s of gorgeous round white vintage lights and her hot pink leather seat to mention a few.

“Miss Minnie” featured in “Vintage Caravan Magazine 2016” and the “2016 Vintage Caravan Magazine Calendar”

I found Miss Minnie on Gumtree and purchased her from a local in Bathurst NSW who had put a lot of hard work into the beautiful detailed restoration. We’re excited that she is now part of our family here in Orange NSW and we’d love to share her with you.

Preserving her Vintage era and classic characteristics. Miss Minnie was transformed into a Mobile Pop-up Bar for Sandy D’z- the FIRST of her kind in Orange, New South Wales.

Miss Minnie is a spectacular little Vintage Caravan Mobile Bar that will arrive at your special occasion or event and as your invited guest, she will be sure to be a head turning yet functional addition. You provide the alcohol and we’ll provide a personalised and bespoke bar service for you and your guests. Miss Minnie and Sandy D’z will ensure that your special occasion is a memorable, unique affair that all your guest’s will be talking about.

HG: What inspired you to open Sandy D’z Minnie bar?

S: Opening Sandy D’z Minnie Bar has been a strong desire for some years now. Caught up with the necessities of life, working for the man, raising 3 children and paying a mortgage, it became a pipe dream but never forgotten.

One day I found myself an empty nester, living life robotically and simply existing. After a huge epiphany and self reflection I made the executive decision to cease the routine, get out of my comfort zone and spice life up a bit. It was time to bring to life my little business.

I held an image in my head that I was besotted with and after many disappointments and outbids I finally found her! “Sandy D’z Minnie Bar” was born.

HG: What do customers receive when they hire your pop up bar?

S: Our customers will receive exactly what they wish for plus some. A reliable, stress free, personalised, professional yet fun and friendly bar service. Their friends will become our friends by the end of their event. We believe the bar is a pivotal point of gathering. We are an extension of our client’s hospitality and that is something that we take very seriously.

HG: We love how gorgeous and vintage your bar is! What are you favourite vintage styling options for wedding and events?

S: I personally adore all our Retro styling options. Our big red light up bar sign, our pastel webbed lawn chairs, floral print patio umbrella, retro bike complete with basket of overflowing bright florals, and of course our buntings are just the tip of the iceberg!

Our classic vintage cane pieces are another of my favourite as well as our Retro teak pieces with a pop of colour for that wow factor. Our classic vintage, rustic timber pieces are also hard to dismiss!

We’re in the process of shooting our styling props and will show case them on Instagram and Facebook very soon. We are also working on our website design.

HG: What sets Sandy D’z Minnie Bar a part from the crowd?

S: Miss Minnie is not a manufactured replica of her era. She is the real deal - classic vintage. Our clients and their guests will get to indulge in the experience of being taken back to yesteryear.

Miss Minnie can transform into any style of preference. Every booking includes small decorations for Retro, Vintage, Bohemian, Whimsical, Country and more. Our client’s imagination is the only limit we have and we are always researching and adding to our collection but, most importantly we are open to new and exciting ideas and challenges.

We are a small, locally owned, family business. Operated by myself (Sandy) and my daughter Emma. My two sons Aaron and Adrian are the muscle and fabrication to our crazy ideas not to mention their much needed advice on towing and reversing....

My 3 children, their partners and my grandchildren play a huge part in the support and inspiration I need. I couldn’t have come this far without the love and support of my partner who prefers to remain behind the scenes but is always there for advice.

Along with running Sandy D’z Minnie Bar we all have full-time jobs, and every day life demands so, we understand the “bang for your buck” and that’s what our client’s can expect, no hidden costs or surprises.

HG: What does the future hold for Sandy D’z Minnie Bar.

S: We have goals of collaboration with other local businesses to promote their products and produce. We also want to be known as the ‘go to’ mobile bar for all occasions and events!

I believe passion, belief and determination play a huge part in success and that’s what our humble little business is concentrating on right now. We are not chasing nominations, awards and fame. We want client satisfaction, simple!

Find out more about Sandy D'z Minnie Bar here or follow on Facebook and Instagram

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