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Get to Know Uke & Me

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Isn't music just amazing! Imagine how dull life would be if we had no music - that is a world that we do not want to be in! It's thanks to talented musicians like Uke & Me that we get to experience all the emotion that comes with a great song. For a big life event such as a wedding, music is absolutely essential! From the tear jerking song that walks you down the aisle to the jamming beats on the dance floor, music creates the atmosphere. We have had the pleasure of hearing Uke & Me perform live and wow! Amazing! Aaron & Jodie have been kind enough to give us a little insight into their musical lives.

Q: How was Uke & Me born?

We met when Jodie was playing ukulele at a pub in Dubbo and was introduced

to Aaron by a mutual friend. We instantly connected and started hanging out and

sharing songs with each other. Little did we know that Aaron’s songs were

cryptically about Jodie and Jodie’s were about Aaron! Eventually, the songs

became too obvious and all was revealed! We have been playing music

together ever since

Q: What are both of your favourite songs on the radio right now and what’s

your all-time favourite songs?

The Git Up! And Ed Sheeran’s new album is amazing.

We honestly struggle to name any all-time favourites, as our taste changes all

the time! But our guilty pleasure is the hottest country playlist on Spotify.

Some of the favourites are Chris Stapleton - Tennessee Whisky, Thomas Rhett -

Die a Happy Man, and Scott McCreery - This is it.

Q: What’s your favourite part of performing at a wedding?

The nervous excitement when the wedding car pulls up, the heads turn, the bride steps out, and the guests fall completely silent. For a moment, time stands still. All eyes are on the bride. Then we start the aisle song, and you can see the bride smile as she relaxes to the sound of her favourite, hand-picked song. For us, it’s almost as if the music leads the bride down the aisle – it’s an awesome feeling!

Q: In your opinion, what makes live music so special?

It creates the perfect atmosphere for a wedding, especially before the

ceremony as guests start arriving. Live music really sets the mood and gives

guests something to watch and something to talk about. Once the guests start

talking, they all start mingling and relaxing (which means mission accomplished

for us!)

Q: Do you have any tips for a great wedding playlist, from ceremony to


It’s good to start with nice, easy-listening songs as guests start arriving for the

ceremony, so that they can relax early on. The ceremony itself should be filled

with the couple’s favourite songs, especially those that have a special meaning

for the couple. While the aisle song and signing songs are usually a bit slower,

the exit song should be a bit more upbeat and celebratory.

It’s always a great idea to continue the music after the ceremony, to keep the

good vibes going and entertain the guests as the couple sneak away to get

some beautiful newlywed photos taken! At the reception and during dinner,

we recommend popular songs as background music, at a comfortable volume.

Often, the wedding musician will have a big setlist of the pop songs that they

always play at weddings, and the couple can ask to see it before the wedding

and pick out the songs that they want. If the wedding musician is particularly

amazing, they’ll learn any other songs that the couple wants added to the list!

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Thanks Uke & Me!

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