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How to have the perfect vineyard wedding

Have you always dreamed of having the perfect vineyard wedding? Want to be surrounded by a stunning sunset and rolling hills? Your stylish country wedding in the vines is waiting for you at The Vinegrove, Mudgee. The Vinegrove is a magical venue located just five minutes from Mudgee on 100 beautiful acres. Here you will find a marquee, beautifully landscaped courtyard and an outdoor space that boasts an open outdoor fire and delicate fairy lights. The real star of the location though is the picture perfect views that will surround you.

The Vinegrove is owned by Sarah and Tim who take great pride in sharing their piece of paradise with you. Sarah has over 20 years of experience in styling and wedding planning, so we’ve asked her for her tips for creating the perfect vineyard wedding.

Find a venue that is all inclusive of decorating and management so you don’t have to stress when something needs to be added or changedTrust your stylist! They’re there to make your day perfect. Find a stylist with years of experience and you won’t have to worry!Do you prefer a hot or cold day? Make sure you pick a wedding date that suits your taste in weather. One of the things you can’t change is the weather. Unfortunately your wet weather option is never going to be as good but embrace the difference and don’t let it ruin your day. Grab a glass of bubbles and still enjoy your big day with the love of your life and your family and friends!Finally make sure you decide on your budget in the early stages of planning. If you can’t afford everything then don’t overdo it. It’s hard on your bank account and hard on your suppliers!

This blog post is sponsored by The Vingrove. 

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