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Why Artificial Florals Can be a Real Winner

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Flowers play an important role in the decor of any event. Whether its a baby shower, a birthday party or a wedding, having unique and creative floral arrangements can completely lift your event.

We recently chatted to Lisa from Posh Artificial Florals about some of the benefits of choosing artificial and how they are made.

No matter what time of year you hire artificial, your florals will always look modern, distinctive and retain their colour. Not to mention you won't have guests sneezing from allergies either!

Eliminating water allows artificial/silks to look their best 100% of the time. No smelly water, no slime and the florals won’t deteriorate.

Artificial florals are suitable in rain, hail or shine! The elements NEVER have a bearing on how artificial florals look. Arrangements can also be used inside & outside so they are extremely versatile. Utilizing silks / artificial florals allows for a unique design and designs that are totally unique to each customer.

Whilst the team at Posh Artificial Florals purchase a high quality floral, it’s not cost-effective or versatile any longer to use plain silk florals. Over a century ago, silk florals were sewn with this material. Due to the rising costs, today’s florals mainly comprise of a synthetic fibre. This makes the industry very competitive and can offer a great alternative to fresh florals. 

The good news is that these days, artificial florals look far more realistic than ever with so much choice and variety.

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