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Hidden Gems is now giving brides from rural NSW a platform to sell their beautiful wedding gowns and make a 'soon to be' bride's dream come true with finding that perfect dress. 

Is your wedding dress hanging up in your closest taking up space and collecting dust? If so, why not sell at a Wore It Once event and give it a second life? The money from your sale could go towards a honeymoon, a holiday, house renovations, planning for a baby, deposit for a house or a new car. It seems silly to just let those excess funds sit in your wardrobe. 











If you are in the market for your wedding dress, there are many reason to consider buying a pre-loved gown. 

  • You get access to designer brands that would normally be outside your budget.

  • You could also get access to one-off custom designed gowns that nobody else has access too. 

  • It is better for the environment - reducing landfill. 

  • It can cost significantly less than a new gown.

  • You have the option to try the dress on before you buy.

  • You can get creative, make alterations and put your own signature style on it. 


Put your dress on display at our next event on Sunday 31st October 2021. A one-off display fee of $50.00 (bridal gown), $15.00 (bridesmaid dress) and $5.00 (flower girl dress) is applied to each dress. We charge no commission which means you keep all of your sale profits!

Whether you want to sell or buy a dress you will need to complete a registration form to be able to participate in the expo. Please fill out the registration forms below and email completed forms to info@hidden-gems.com.au

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Image by Taylor Harding
Image by Everton Vila
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